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Calm Your Mind, Energise Your Body, Ignite Your Spirit

The back care course has been created by expert physiotherapists, osteopaths, GP’s and yoga therapists, who are all passionate about helping people become pain free and live a normal full life.

The programme was tried and tested in the NHS and includes traditional yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, plus combines knowledge from modern medical studies and national guidelines.

Benefits of the Healthy Back Care Course:

> Guided stretching to relieve back pain

> Returning back strength and flexibility

> Builds confidence in moving freely and safely again

> Easy-to-learn techniques

> Improve your core strength and posture

> Contributes towards having a healthier pain-free back for life

Why Move & Exercise?

The NICE (2009) medical guidelines & NHS recommend that people with persistent back pain should be encouraged to stay physically active and exercise.

Most back pain is diagnosed as unspecific, but even if you know the cause of the back pain, such as herniated disc or osteoarthritis, the course can help.    

Gentle movement, breathing, relaxation techniques can drastically improve your overall back health and reduce the length of time and frequency of back pain episodes.   You’ll also notice an improvement in your whole wellbeing.   

How Long is the Course?

The Healthy Back Care Course usually consists of a series of 6-8, one-hour sessions facilitated by experienced yoga teacher and qualified healthy back instructor, Nazama Tague.  

To gain the maximum benefits, you ought to be committed to practising movements outside of the lessons.  Self management is a key part of this course.  Techniques you learn will be your tools to manage your back for life.   

It can take 2-4 weeks before you start feeling the benefits, and by 6 weeks there is a noticeable improvement.

All the equipment is provided during a lesson, and you will be given a DVD and handout for home practise.  

What Other Have Said About the Course

"I've been living with back pain for nearly 20 years, and every time I had an episode it felt worse & it took me longer to recover.  

I can't believe how quickly I went from crippling muscle spasms to being able to move freely & pain-free again.  I’ve fallen in love with Yoga" O.P

How to Join

The course is available privately on one to one sessions or private small groups of no more than 10 people.  A DVD and handouts will be given to help you with your home practise.  

To find out more on how the Healthy Back Care Course can help you, call Nazama on 07804 598353 for a chat. Alternatively, email us a suitable time and we’ll call you.  hello@yoga-in.co.uk

Healthy Back Care Course

Practice Yoga to increase your energy.


If you're suffering with back pain but have tried nearly everything, then we can help.

Using gentle, safe, yet effective exercise, the Healthy Back Care Course offers a proven solution to prevent and treat ongoing back pain or episodes of back issues.

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