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Uplift Yoga-in

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Saturday 9.45am


Evening Calm Yoga

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Monday 6.30pm & 8pm

Thursday 6.30pm


Gentle Yoga

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Monday & Wednesday 9.30am



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Bring Your Tense Body, Busy Mind and a Willing Heart

for a beautiful morning of nourishing yoga to help lift your spirit and feel-good in yourself.

You know you are more than just your body.  Moving and stretching your body in an unforced way, can help you feel good.

BUT combine your movement with awareness to your breath and your heart, hand gestures (mudras), followed with deep relaxation & a short meditation (10-15 mins), you can lift and transform whole yourself - body, energy, emotions, thoughts & spirit.

Transform into the best version of you.  Feeling calm and lighter, as if a load has been lifted. Become more open-hearted and wanting to do things you love and most importantly feel more like yourself.

Weaving in the tradition of the ancient into a modern life.  Join me for this free workshop and if you want, you can give a donation to two of my favourite charities - Place2Be and Penny Brohn. (Read about the charities)

Who’s it for?

Anyone wanting to relax, feel-good and calm, from new learners to those with some experience. Young or Old.  Fit or Unfit - Bendy or Non-Bendy- It’s all good.  Everyone Welcome*  BOOK NOW

Feel-Good Yoga & Meditation Workshop

With Nazama Tague



Saturday 11 July 2020, 10am-11.30am - FREE

Live-Streaming on Zoom

Optional Donation to Place2Be & Penny Brohn UK

Stay Active. Be Well.  

Physically &  Mentally.

A sense of calm, light heartedness and fun. That is what I can offer you.  

At a time when anxiety is high, my aim is to help you stay well, &  build and keep our yoga community together not just locally, but with our friends and family across the UK & the globe.

Classes led by me, Nazama Tague, an experienced Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer

There’s a choice of 3 classes

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Weekly Live Classes

What is Each Class Like

Class themes are kept fresh to suit the time of day and are based on what you’ve asked.

You’ll cover a wide-range of warm ups to move your spine, followed by yoga sequences that combine breathing & mindfulness.  Each class finishes with a guided deep relaxation.  

The emphasis is to stay in a relaxed but alert state.  To feel good and be well physically, mentally and emotionally.

How it Works

All classes are live streamed via Zoom and are donation based.  

Simply book through my usual booking calendar, and you’ll automatically receive your unique video-link 48-hours before the class starts.

Suggested donation £0, £3.00, £6.00, £10.00 (2+ People) per class.

Class Types

‘Hit the off button’ and bring some calm into your life with soothing and relaxing yoga for both your physical and mental health.

It'll be a combination of movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation to help you have a good night's rest.*

Mon 6.30 or 8pm. Thurs 6.30pm

Start your day with the intention to be well both physically and mentally.  A great way to work-off anxiety and worry, have a bit of fun and feel good.  

It'll be a combination of movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation to help you feel positive and better in yourself. *

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Saturday 9.45am (60-mins)

Keep your routine and bring some calm into your life with some feel-good yoga for both your physical and mental health.

This class is ideal if you're living with back problems, joint or knee issues, or you simply want low-impact exercise.

It'll be a combination of movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation to help you stay supple.  

There will be some work standing, then on the floor either lying on your back or your front. *

Mon & Wed 9.30am (60-mins)

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How to Book

* Trial your first class for FREE *

When you book online, you'll automatically receive a unique video link 48-hours before class starts.  This link will take you to Zoom.

Class Pass Donation Options (incl a free option)


What You Need

• Yoga mat or a non-slip surface

• Blanket

• Water

• Anything else to make life easy, such as cushion, yoga block

• Zoom App (optional)

TIP! For best results, download the Zoom app - on your computer/ tablet/smart phone/ipad (no need to sign up) OR 

Plan(b) is to make sure your Internet browser is up-to-date. Google Chrome & Firefox work best.  

*If you cannot stand for long or have difficulties getting independently up and down from the floor, then you can use a chair - HOWEVER, please make it is safe for you to do so.

Please check with your GP or Health Professional on your suitability to practise Yoga. Classes for 16 yrs+

These classes & workshop are not suitable during pregnancy.  

The 11th July 2020 workshop will require some kneeling.