Calm Your Mind, Energise Your Body, Ignite Your Spirit

• improve their ability to concentrate,

• build their self-confidence,

• manage anxiety and mood

• switch-off and relax

• be mentally prepared for exams

With high expectations of schools’ performance - increased pressure and stress can often felt by pupils and teachers alike.  This is why more and more schools are introducing yoga as part of their PSHE programme.

To find out more about how you can incorporate your in your school or try our Yoga for Exam Success programme, please email hello@yoga-in.co.uk to book a no obligation free telephone consultation to explore how Yoga-in could work for you.  You can call Nazama on 07804 598353

Schools & Exam Success Programme

Practice Yoga to increase your energy.

Yoga is the ancient practice from which much of our modern understanding of mindfulness stems.  It is often just seen as a physical exercise with some schools offering it under PE. However, as a growing body of recent research shows, there are also many educational and emotional benefits of yoga for young people.

Through physical exercise, breathing techniques, deep relaxation and mindful meditation, Yoga can give pupils the tools they need to:

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