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Elements of Yoga Workshop: Akasha

Saturday 1st July 2017 10am-1pm.

Sodbury Masonic Hall, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6AA

Working with the elements is a deeper way of practising yoga.  The 5 Elements (Tattva) in Ayurvedic philosophy (the same roots as yoga) are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha. The elements believed to be represented in the chakra energy centres and are found in all aspects of life and in all living things.

The next element is akasha. There’s no direct translation for akasha, but it has been described as ether, space, emptiness or void. Think of it as a still place within us that we fill. In the yogic sense, a place where all the other elements can exist.  


Akasha is a very subtle element that is experienced in a different way to all the other elements.  It is connected with the sense of sound - a space were the vibrations of sound can travel.  Akasha is also the feeling of having a lightness within you, as well as stillness, freedom, and awareness.  Akasha  is both a cause and the result of a blissful yoga practice (and life)

There are many levels to a human being from gross to the subtle levels, which is why akasha best experienced through meditation.  During the workshop we will also explore akasha through yoga movements, breathing and deep relaxation.   We hope you’ll leave feeling blissful.  

Here’s what was said about previous workshops

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop - left buzzing!”

“Learning something new & hopefully being able to do some of it at home

“ I loved these insightful, traditional sequences

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We invite you to book in advance; online, phone or at class.   Just so you know, workshops often sell out.

Feel free to call us or speak to us at class to find out more.   

Workshop: £27.00.  

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Venue: Masonic Hall,3 Hatters Lane,Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6AA.

Please do bring along your yoga mat, blanket, water and equipment like blocks and straps. You are welcome to make use of our equipment, just let us know in advance.  

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