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Calm Your Mind, Energise Your Body, Ignite Your Spirit

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Yoga-in was created by Nazama Tague, drawing on her passion of bringing people together and teaching others on being yourself and being free, as well as her 10-year practice in yoga and Ayurvedic influenced upbringing.    

We believe that yoga moves beyond just poses and twisting yourself into a pretzel. Through flowing movements, directed breathing, visualisation, deep relaxations and at times meditation; yoga works to re-balance all the many layers of our being.

The result you'll feel fantastic, creating a sense of calm & relaxation while improving fitness & flexibility and reaching your potential in all areas of your life.

Yoga is your inner experience and can be part of your journey through life.  


Within us all are relaxation responses, otherwise known as parasymathpathic nervous system, and we aim to help you activate this response.  

By learning to be in a relaxed, mindful and alert state, you’ll find you can stretch and move much further and more freely, as well as creating a feeling of being calmer, happier, creative, more intuitive and feeling like yourself!


Age is irrelevant in yoga and it does not matter if you cannot reach your toes. The sessions are open to men and women, and modifications are offered to suit your body and health.

We have worked with keen runners, cyclists, weight lifters, ballet dancers, adults with back and joint issues, young people and adults living anxiety and depression, people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and people living with more complex health conditions like MS, auto-immune diseases and cancer.

If you are pregnant or have difficulties getting independently off the floor it is best to get in touch with us first.