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For weekly classes

Book Online to secure your place.  Simply:

• Buy a Class Pass from £5.00 (valid at any Gentle, Flow-in or Energise-in Class)

• Complete Your Details

• Register into your preferred class

If you don’t have an email address or prefer to book over the phone, please call 07804 598 353.  You can turn up at a class but it is first come, first serve after advance bookings.

Workshops & Mini-Retreats can be found under Courses or on the calendar.

Buy a Class Pass

For Flow-in Yoga, Gentle Yoga-in or Energise-in Yoga

Simply purchase a Class Pass (above the calendar). Then go back into the Schedule & Book on to your preferred class and you’re done!

Want To Check Your Class Booking or Cancel?

Log into your account above, select Dashboard, you’ll see a list of classes you are attending.  

To cancel, simply select Dashboard, and press Leave or Unregister.  Any cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice will be re-credited (provided your class pass is in date).  You can book again immediately

Check Class Pass Usage

You can check your current Class Pass for number of uses and expiry date by selecting Dashboard, then the Class Passes tab.

Still Not Sure?

Don’t worry! If the above information isn’t solving any issues, then please email hello@yoga-in.co.uk or call 07804 598353