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Courses vary from four to eight week total support package for small or large groups.

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Yoga-in Your Work Place

Work Place Back Care & Stress Management Programme

There were 131 million days lost due to sickness in the UK in 2013 equivalent to 4.4 days per worker.

“The main cause for working days lost in 2013 was musculoskeletal conditions (such as back and neck pain), leading to 31 million days lost.  The next most important cause was minor illnesses such as coughs and colds (27 million days lost), followed by stress, anxiety or depression, at 15 million days lost.”(Source ONS - Sickness in the Labour Market - Feb 2014)


According to the 2012 CIPD absence management survey, more than half the organisations surveyed have an employee wellbeing strategy - a number that continues to increase.  Incorporating a Yoga-in Back Care and Stress Management in to your workplace means you will be in good company

A research study by Bangor University and published in the Oxford University Press Journal of Occupational Medicine concluded that a programme of Dru Yoga “significantly reduced perceived stress, back pain and hostility, and that participants felt more self-assured, attentive and serene after the yoga classes.”

Additional professional books, CD’s and DVD are also available to help your colleagues develop their practice at home and keep them motivated between sessions.  

By addressing the major causes of workplace absence your HR Department or Senior Management team can make a real impact to the bottom line by reducing both direct costs and the actual costs of days lost.

The Approach

The Yoga-in Back Care and Stress Management programmes place a strong emphasis on teaching delegates to relax as emotional stress or psychological factors can both cause and aggravate back pain.  Delegates will learn to recognise where they may hold stress in the body and be encouraged to actively manage their stress, through lifestyle, time management, exercise, and interaction with others.

Delivered in a setting and at a time to suit your business we can co-create a bespoke yoga  programme to maximise the benefits to your employees, reduce your days lost to sickness and provide a cost effective contribution to your staff retention strategy.

To Find Out More about how you can incorporate yoga in your work place or try our Yoga-in Back Care and Stress Management  programme, please email hello@yoga-in.co.uk to book a no obligation free telephone consultation to explore how Yoga-in could work for you.  You can call Nazama on 07804 598353

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